Postpartum Leghyam


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Product: Postpartum Leghyam
Quantity – Pack of 11 Items
Brand: Moolihai Canada
Manufactured in : India
Uses: After pregnancy and childbirth, all women face many challenging things during that time of life change. After childbirth the mother needs to take care of the body to balance her rheumatic condition. According to Ayurveda, the mother should be given warm, soft, heavy, healthy, and consistent foods after the baby is born. Women experience psychological and physical stress in the postpartum period. To cope with those situations consume legumes made from 11 ingredients such as Liquorice, Cumin Seeds, Pepper, Ginger, Ajwain, Cardamom, Long Pepper, Nutmeg, Turmeric Powder, Palm Jaggery, Ghee.
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